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Project: Reveal-ck


reveal-ck lets you author reveal.js
presentations with popular markup and templating languages.

You write in Markdown, HTML, ERB, Haml, Slim or Ruby itself.


This page is generated by the Cucumber Features that describe

These Features both describe what reveal-ck is capable of and they can
ensure that reveal-ck is working as expected.

What Next?

Consider the Topics below and your learning style.

If you see Topics that are interesting-- jump right on it. Each one
should be self-explanatory.

If you'd prefer a more conventional, guided introduction, you can
visit reveal-ck's website.

If you'd prefer videos to text, those
available too.


reveal-ck was created for people that need good looking slides with
very little effort. It's designed to make your life easier and your
presentations better.

I hope it helps.


  1. Auto-linking in your Slides
  2. contents_of: insert files into slides
  3. Getting Command Line Help
  4. How to configure reveal.js initialization options
  5. How to store and reference a js plugin
  6. How to store and reference css
  7. How to store and reference images
  8. How to store and reference js
  9. How to store and reference media
  10. Mentioning @user in your Slides
  11. rake task
  12. reveal-ck generate --dir
  13. reveal-ck generate --file
  14. Slides with ERB
  15. Slides with haml
  16. Slides with HTML
  17. Slides with markdown
  18. Slides with ruby
  19. Slides with slim
  20. The capabilities of config.yml
  21. Using 'reveal-ck serve'
  22. Using Emoji in your Slides
  23. Using the :markdown filter within haml

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