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Project: RSpec Core 3.12

RSpec Core 3.12

rspec-core provides the structure for RSpec code examples:

RSpec.describe Account do
  it "has a balance of zero when first opened" do
    # example code goes here - for more on the
    # code inside the examples, see rspec-expectations
    # and rspec-mocks


This documentation is open source, and a work in progress. If you find it incomplete or confusing, please submit an issue, or, better yet, a pull request.


  1. Changelog
  2. Example groups
  3. Command line
  4. Hooks
  5. Subject
  6. Helper methods
  7. Metadata
  8. Filtering
  9. Configuration
  10. Expectation framework integration
  11. Mock framework integration
  12. Formatters
  13. Spec files
  14. Use rspec-core without rspec-mocks or rspec-expectations
  15. Pending and skipped examples
  16. Running specs multiple times with different runner options in the same process

Last published 3 months ago by Jon Rowe.