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Project: RSpec Rails 5.0

Routing specs

Routing specs are marked by :type => :routing or if you have set
config.infer_spec_type_from_file_location! by placing them in spec/routing.

Simple apps with nothing but standard RESTful routes won't get much value from
routing specs, but they can provide significant value when used to specify
customized routes, like vanity links, slugs, etc.

expect(:get => "/articles/2012/11/when-to-use-routing-specs").to route_to(
  :controller => "articles",
  :month => "2012-11",
  :slug => "when-to-use-routing-specs"

They are also valuable for routes that should not be available:

expect(:delete => "/accounts/37").not_to be_routable


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Last published 9 months ago by Jon Rowe.