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stubbing with matchers

As a test author
I want to be able to stub an invocation based on matchers' evaluations of the arguments
so that I don't need to redundantly stub things I don't care about

a new Dog test double
I stub method to return gives
invoking invocation returns returns
Scenarios: the anything matcher with a one-argument method
method gives invocation returns
introduce_to(anything) 'Why Hello!' introduce_to(Cat.new) 'Why Hello!'
introduce_to(anything) 'Why Hello!' introduce_to(Dog.new) 'Why Hello!'
introduce_to(anything) 'Why Hello!' introduce_to(nil) 'Why Hello!'
Scenarios: the anything matcher with a two-argument method
method gives invocation returns
walk_to(anything,5) 'Park' walk_to(5,5) 'Park'
walk_to(anything,5) 'Park' walk_to('pants',5) 'Park'
walk_to(anything,5) 'Park' walk_to(nil,5) 'Park'
walk_to(anything,5) 'Park' walk_to(3,5.1) nil
walk_to(3.123,anything) 'Park' walk_to(3.123,nil) 'Park'
walk_to(anything,anything) 'Park' walk_to(3,5.1) 'Park'
Scenarios: the anything matcher with a variable-argument method (argument size must match; but I don't know if I like some of theseā€¦)
method gives invocation returns
eat(anything,:fish,anything) :yum eat(:cat,:fish,:mouse) :yum
eat(anything,:fish,anything) :yum eat(:cat,:pants,:mouse) nil
eat(anything) :yum eat(:cat,:pants) nil
eat(:cat,anything) :yum eat(:cat) nil
eat(:cat,anything) :yum eat(:cat,nil) :yum
Scenarios: the is_a matcher
method gives invocation returns
introduce_to(is_a(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Animal.new) :howdy
introduce_to(is_a(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Cat.new) :howdy
introduce_to(is_a(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Object.new) nil
introduce_to(is_a(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(nil) nil
Scenarios: the any matcher (like is_a but also matches nil)
method gives invocation returns
introduce_to(any(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Animal.new) :howdy
introduce_to(any(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Cat.new) :howdy
introduce_to(any(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(Object.new) nil
introduce_to(any(Animal)) :howdy introduce_to(nil) :howdy
Scenarios: the numeric matcher
method gives invocation returns
walk_to(numeric,numeric) :hydrant walk_to(1.498,8) :hydrant
walk_to(numeric,numeric) :hydrant walk_to(1.498,'string') nil
walk_to(numeric,numeric) :hydrant walk_to(1.498,nil) nil
Scenarios: the boolean matcher
method gives invocation returns
holler_at(boolean) :ruff holler_at(true) :ruff
holler_at(boolean) :ruff holler_at(false) :ruff
holler_at(boolean) :ruff holler_at('woof') nil
holler_at(boolean) :ruff holler_at(nil) nil

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