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Project: Shokkenki-consumer 1.2

Shokkenki-consumer 1.2

Shokkenki Consumer allows consumers to specify consumer driven contracts using Shokkenki.

Consumer tests can express a contract as a series of HTTP interactions that can be used to stub out the provider in those tests. Those interactions can then be saved as a Shokkenki ticket and then used by Shokkenki Provider tests to ensure that a provider honours that contract.


gem install shokkenki-consumer

Consumer RSpec

require 'shokkenki/consumer/rspec'
require_relative 'hungry_man'

Shokkenki.consumer.configure do
  define_provider :restaurant

describe HungryMan, :shokkenki_consumer do

  context 'when his ramen is hot' do

    before do
      order(:my_provider).during('order for ramen').to do
        get('/order/ramen').and_respond(:body => json('flavour' => /tasty/))

    it 'is happy' do
      expect(subject.happy?).to be_true

This example will stub the provider, allowing consumer specs to run. A ticket that serialises these interactions will be written to the default ticket location.

Need help?

Try the Shokkenki Google Group (you must be a member to post).

Bugs or Feature Requests for the Project/Documentation?

Please use Shokkenki Consumer Issues on Github. Have your say on the features that you want.


Shokkenki consumer on Github.


  1. Defining consumer contexts
  2. Orders
  3. Terms
  4. Stubbers
  5. Tickets
  6. Configuration
  7. Running
  8. Troubleshooting

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