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Project: RSpec Core 2.14

--order (new in rspec-core-2.8)

Use the --order option to tell RSpec how to order the files, groups, and
examples. Options are default and rand:

Default is:

  • files are ordered based on the underlying file system's order (typically case-sensitive alpha on *nix OS's and case-insenstive alpha in Windows)
  • groups/examples are loaded in the order in which they are declared

Use rand to randomize the order of files, groups within files, and
examples within groups.*

  • Nested groups are always run from top-level to bottom-level in order to avoid executing before(:all) and after(:all) hooks more than once, but the order of groups at each level is randomized.

You can also specify a seed


--order default
--order rand
--order rand:123
--seed 123 # same as --order rand:123

The default option is only necessary when you have --order rand stored in a
config file (e.g. .rspec) and you want to override it from the command line.


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