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Project: Vim-flavor

Install vim-flavor

Required softwares

  • Git 2.10.1 or later * Ruby 3.0.0 or later
    • Recommendation: Use rbenv or other tools for ease of installation across different envinronments.
  • Vim 8.0 or later
    • Note that Vim should be compiled as normal, big or huge version to use most of plugins.

Supported platforms

  • Unix-like environments such as Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
  • Though Microsoft Windows is not directly supported, it is possible to manage Vim plugins via Cygwin or other environments.

Installation steps

gem install vim-flavor


touch Flavorfile Flavorfile.lock
git add Flavorfile Flavorfile.lock
git commit -m 'Use vim-flavor to manage my favorite Vim plugins'

Last published 11 months ago by kana.