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Resolve dependencies

Vim plugins sometimes require other plugins as libraries. For example,
vim-textobj-entire provides text
objects to deal with the entire text in the current buffer. But it is hard to
properly implement text objects because of many pitfalls and repetitive
routines. So that vim-textobj-entire uses
vim-textobj-user to define text
objects in a simplified and declarative way. Therefore, if user wants to use
vim-textobj-entire, he or she must install both vim-textobj-entire and

But it is a boring task to install dependencies by hand. Even if the authors
of a plugin noted about dependencies in its document, such notes are often

So that vim-flavor automatically resolves dependencies of Vim plugins. If
a plugin declares its dependencies as a flavorfile and saves it
as Flavorfile, vim-flavor reads the file and automatically installs
dependencies according to the file.

vim-flavor also takes care about versions of Vim plugins. If two plugins
require the same plugin but required versions are not compatible to each
other, installation will be stopped to avoid using Vim with a broken


  1. Resolve dependencies of Vim plugins
  2. Update outdated dependencies of Vim plugins
  3. Version conflict

Last published 11 months ago by kana.