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Project: RSpec Core 2.4


2.4.0 / 2011-01-02

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • start the debugger on -d so the stack trace is visible when it stops (Clifford Heath)
    • apply hook filtering to examples as well as groups (Myron Marston)
    • support multiple formatters, each with their own output
    • show exception classes in failure messages unless they come from RSpec matchers or message expectations
    • before(:all) { pending } sets all examples to pending
  • Bug fixes

    • fix bug due to change in behavior of reject in Ruby 1.9.3-dev (Shota Fukumori)
    • fix bug when running in jruby: be explicit about passing block to super (John Firebaugh)
    • rake task doesn't choke on paths with quotes (Janmejay Singh)
    • restore --options option from rspec-1
    • require 'ostruct' to fix bug with its([key]) (Kim Burgestrand)
    • --configure option generates .rspec file instead of autotest/discover.rb

2.3.1 / 2010-12-16

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • send debugger warning message to $stdout if RSpec.configuration.error_stream has not been defined yet.
    • HTML Formatter finally properly displays nested groups (Jarmo Pertman)
    • eliminate some warnings when running RSpec's own suite (Jarmo Pertman)

2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • tell autotest to use "rspec2" if it sees a .rspec file in the project's root directory
      • replaces the need for ./autotest/discover.rb, which will not work with all versions of ZenTest and/or autotest
    • config.expect_with
      • :rspec # => rspec/expectations
      • :stdlib # => test/unit/assertions
      • :rspec, :stdlib # => both
  • Bug fixes

    • fix dev Gemfile to work on non-mac-os machines (Lake Denman)
    • ensure explicit subject is only eval'd once (Laszlo Bacsi)

2.2.1 / 2010-11-28

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • alias_method instead of override Kernel#method_missing (John Wilger)
    • changed --autotest to --tty in generated command (MIKAMI Yoshiyuki)
    • revert change to debugger (had introduced conflict with Rails)
      • also restored --debugger/-debug option

2.2.0 / 2010-11-28

full changelog

  • Deprecations/changes

    • --debug/-d on command line is deprecated and now has no effect
    • win32console is now ignored; Windows users must use ANSICON for color support (Bosko Ivanisevic)
  • Enhancements

    • When developing locally rspec-core now works with the rspec-dev setup or your local gems
    • Raise exception with helpful message when rspec-1 is loaded alongside rspec-2 (Justin Ko)
    • debugger statements just work as long as ruby-debug is installed
      • otherwise you get warned, but not fired
    • Expose example.metadata in around hooks
    • Performance improvments (see Upgrade.markdown)
  • Bug fixes

    • Make sure --fail-fast makes it across drb
    • Pass -Ilib:spec to rcov

2.1.0 / 2010-11-07

full changelog

  • Enhancments

    • Add skip_bundler option to rake task to tell rake task to ignore the presence of a Gemfile (jfelchner)
    • Add gemfile option to rake task to tell rake task what Gemfile to look for (defaults to 'Gemfile')
    • Allow passing caller trace into Metadata to support extensions (Glenn Vanderburg)
    • Add deprecation warning for Spec::Runner.configure to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add deprecated Spec::Rake::SpecTask to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add 'autospec' command with helpful message to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add support for filtering with tags on CLI (Lailson Bandeira)
    • Add a helpful message about RUBYOPT when require fails in bin/rspec (slyphon)
    • Add "-Ilib" to the default rcov options (Tianyi Cui)
    • Make the expectation framework configurable (default rspec, of course) (Justin Ko)
    • Add 'pending' to be conditional (Myron Marston)
    • Add explicit support for :if and :unless as metadata keys for conditional run of examples (Myron Marston)
    • Add --fail-fast command line option (Jeff Kreeftmeijer)
  • Bug fixes

    • Eliminate stack overflow with "subject { self }"
    • Require 'rspec/core' in the Raketask (ensures it required when running rcov)

2.0.1 / 2010-10-18

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • Restore color when using spork + autotest
    • Pending examples without docstrings render the correct message (Josep M. Bach)
    • Fixed bug where a failure in a spec file ending in anything but _spec.rb would fail in a confusing way.
    • Support backtrace lines from erb templates in html formatter (Alex Crichton)

2.0.0 / 2010-10-10

full changelog

  • RSpec-1 compatibility

    • Rake task uses ENV["SPEC"] as file list if present
  • Bug fixes

    • Bug Fix: optparse --out foo.txt (Leonardo Bessa)
    • Suppress color codes for non-tty output (except autotest)

2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • implicitly require unknown formatters so you don't have to require the file explicitly on the commmand line (Michael Grosser)
    • add --out/-o option to assign output target
    • added fail_fast configuration option to abort on first failure
    • support a Hash subject (its([:key]) { should == value }) (Josep M. Bach)
  • Bug fixes

    • Explicitly require rspec version to fix broken rdoc task (Hans de Graaff)
    • Ignore backtrace lines that come from other languages, like Java or Javascript (Charles Lowell)
    • Rake task now does what is expected when setting (or not setting) fail_on_error and verbose
    • Fix bug in which before/after(:all) hooks were running on excluded nested groups (Myron Marston)
    • Fix before(:all) error handling so that it fails examples in nested groups, too (Myron Marston)

2.0.0.beta.22 / 2010-09-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • removed at_exit hook
    • CTRL-C stops the run (almost) immediately
      • first it cleans things up by running the appropriate after(:all) and after(:suite) hooks
      • then it reports on any examples that have already run
    • cleaned up rake task
      • generate correct task under variety of conditions
      • options are more consistent
      • deprecated redundant options
    • run 'bundle exec autotest' when Gemfile is present
    • support ERB in .rspec options files (Justin Ko)
    • depend on bundler for development tasks (Myron Marston)
    • add example_group_finished to formatters and reporter (Roman Chernyatchik)
  • Bug fixes

    • support paths with spaces when using autotest (Andreas Neuhaus)
    • fix module_exec with ruby 1.8.6 (Myron Marston)
    • remove context method from top-level
      • was conflicting with irb, for example
    • errors in before(:all) are now reported correctly (Chad Humphries)
  • Removals

    • removed -o --options-file command line option
      • use ./.rspec and ~/.rspec

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