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Project: RSpec Core 2.5


2.5.1 / 2011-02-06

full changelog

NOTE: this release breaks compatibility with rspec/autotest/bundler
integration, but does so in order to greatly simplify it.

With this release, if you want the generated autotest command to include
'bundle exec', require Autotest's bundler plugin in a .autotest file in the
project's root directory or in your home directory:

require "autotest/bundler"

Now you can just type 'autotest' on the commmand line and it will work as you expect.

If you don't want 'bundle exec', there is nothing you have to do.

2.5.0 / 2011-02-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • Autotest::Rspec2 parses command line args passed to autotest after '--'
    • --skip-bundler option for autotest command
    • Autotest regexp fixes (Jon Rowe)
    • Add filters to html and textmate formatters (Daniel Quimper)
    • Explicit passing of block (need for JRuby 1.6) (John Firebaugh)
  • Bug fixes

    • fix dom IDs in HTML formatter (Brian Faherty)
    • fix bug with --drb + formatters when not running in drb
    • include --tag options in drb args (monocle)
    • fix regression so now SPEC_OPTS take precedence over CLI options again (Roman Chernyatchik)
    • only call its(:attribute) once (failing example from Brian Dunn)
    • fix bizarre bug where rspec would hang after String.alias :to_int :to_i (Damian Nurzynski)
  • Deprecations

    • implicit inclusion of 'bundle exec' when Gemfile present (use autotest's bundler plugin instead)

2.4.0 / 2011-01-02

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • start the debugger on -d so the stack trace is visible when it stops (Clifford Heath)
    • apply hook filtering to examples as well as groups (Myron Marston)
    • support multiple formatters, each with their own output
    • show exception classes in failure messages unless they come from RSpec matchers or message expectations
    • before(:all) { pending } sets all examples to pending
  • Bug fixes

    • fix bug due to change in behavior of reject in Ruby 1.9.3-dev (Shota Fukumori)
    • fix bug when running in jruby: be explicit about passing block to super (John Firebaugh)
    • rake task doesn't choke on paths with quotes (Janmejay Singh)
    • restore --options option from rspec-1
    • require 'ostruct' to fix bug with its([key]) (Kim Burgestrand)
    • --configure option generates .rspec file instead of autotest/discover.rb

2.3.1 / 2010-12-16

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • send debugger warning message to $stdout if RSpec.configuration.error_stream has not been defined yet.
    • HTML Formatter finally properly displays nested groups (Jarmo Pertman)
    • eliminate some warnings when running RSpec's own suite (Jarmo Pertman)

2.3.0 / 2010-12-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • tell autotest to use "rspec2" if it sees a .rspec file in the project's root directory
      • replaces the need for ./autotest/discover.rb, which will not work with all versions of ZenTest and/or autotest
    • config.expect_with
      • :rspec # => rspec/expectations
      • :stdlib # => test/unit/assertions
      • :rspec, :stdlib # => both
  • Bug fixes

    • fix dev Gemfile to work on non-mac-os machines (Lake Denman)
    • ensure explicit subject is only eval'd once (Laszlo Bacsi)

2.2.1 / 2010-11-28

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • alias_method instead of override Kernel#method_missing (John Wilger)
    • changed --autotest to --tty in generated command (MIKAMI Yoshiyuki)
    • revert change to debugger (had introduced conflict with Rails)
      • also restored --debugger/-debug option

2.2.0 / 2010-11-28

full changelog

  • Deprecations/changes

    • --debug/-d on command line is deprecated and now has no effect
    • win32console is now ignored; Windows users must use ANSICON for color support (Bosko Ivanisevic)
  • Enhancements

    • When developing locally rspec-core now works with the rspec-dev setup or your local gems
    • Raise exception with helpful message when rspec-1 is loaded alongside rspec-2 (Justin Ko)
    • debugger statements just work as long as ruby-debug is installed
      • otherwise you get warned, but not fired
    • Expose example.metadata in around hooks
    • Performance improvments (much faster now)
  • Bug fixes

    • Make sure --fail-fast makes it across drb
    • Pass -Ilib:spec to rcov

2.1.0 / 2010-11-07

full changelog

  • Enhancments

    • Add skip_bundler option to rake task to tell rake task to ignore the presence of a Gemfile (jfelchner)
    • Add gemfile option to rake task to tell rake task what Gemfile to look for (defaults to 'Gemfile')
    • Allow passing caller trace into Metadata to support extensions (Glenn Vanderburg)
    • Add deprecation warning for Spec::Runner.configure to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add deprecated Spec::Rake::SpecTask to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add 'autospec' command with helpful message to aid upgrade from RSpec-1
    • Add support for filtering with tags on CLI (Lailson Bandeira)
    • Add a helpful message about RUBYOPT when require fails in bin/rspec (slyphon)
    • Add "-Ilib" to the default rcov options (Tianyi Cui)
    • Make the expectation framework configurable (default rspec, of course) (Justin Ko)
    • Add 'pending' to be conditional (Myron Marston)
    • Add explicit support for :if and :unless as metadata keys for conditional run of examples (Myron Marston)
    • Add --fail-fast command line option (Jeff Kreeftmeijer)
  • Bug fixes

    • Eliminate stack overflow with "subject { self }"
    • Require 'rspec/core' in the Raketask (ensures it required when running rcov)

2.0.1 / 2010-10-18

full changelog

  • Bug fixes
    • Restore color when using spork + autotest
    • Pending examples without docstrings render the correct message (Josep M. Bach)
    • Fixed bug where a failure in a spec file ending in anything but _spec.rb would fail in a confusing way.
    • Support backtrace lines from erb templates in html formatter (Alex Crichton)

2.0.0 / 2010-10-10

full changelog

  • RSpec-1 compatibility

    • Rake task uses ENV["SPEC"] as file list if present
  • Bug fixes

    • Bug Fix: optparse --out foo.txt (Leonardo Bessa)
    • Suppress color codes for non-tty output (except autotest)

2.0.0.rc / 2010-10-05

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • implicitly require unknown formatters so you don't have to require the file explicitly on the commmand line (Michael Grosser)
    • add --out/-o option to assign output target
    • added fail_fast configuration option to abort on first failure
    • support a Hash subject (its([:key]) { should == value }) (Josep M. Bach)
  • Bug fixes

    • Explicitly require rspec version to fix broken rdoc task (Hans de Graaff)
    • Ignore backtrace lines that come from other languages, like Java or Javascript (Charles Lowell)
    • Rake task now does what is expected when setting (or not setting) fail_on_error and verbose
    • Fix bug in which before/after(:all) hooks were running on excluded nested groups (Myron Marston)
    • Fix before(:all) error handling so that it fails examples in nested groups, too (Myron Marston)

2.0.0.beta.22 / 2010-09-12

full changelog

  • Enhancements

    • removed at_exit hook
    • CTRL-C stops the run (almost) immediately
      • first it cleans things up by running the appropriate after(:all) and after(:suite) hooks
      • then it reports on any examples that have already run
    • cleaned up rake task
      • generate correct task under variety of conditions
      • options are more consistent
      • deprecated redundant options
    • run 'bundle exec autotest' when Gemfile is present
    • support ERB in .rspec options files (Justin Ko)
    • depend on bundler for development tasks (Myron Marston)
    • add example_group_finished to formatters and reporter (Roman Chernyatchik)
  • Bug fixes

    • support paths with spaces when using autotest (Andreas Neuhaus)
    • fix module_exec with ruby 1.8.6 (Myron Marston)
    • remove context method from top-level
      • was conflicting with irb, for example
    • errors in before(:all) are now reported correctly (Chad Humphries)
  • Removals

    • removed -o --options-file command line option
      • use ./.rspec and ~/.rspec

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